Paper Discovery

Relevant Discover-e will help you collect your hard copy documents & scan them into electronic format and create files per document. These documents can then be made searchable and provided to you with a load file that will easily allow you to use them in any document management software. Our page by page quality control process ensures absolute accuracy, allowing you to have the piece of mind that no pages were missed.


E-Discovery technology is always changing and we are always right up to speed with the best practices available. You can be certain that with Relevant Discover-e, you will be able to move through the discovery process utilizing the most time & cost efficient methods available.

Document Review

The document review stage of discovery can be very time consuming, and mistakes can easily be made if a proper review platform is not utilized. Relevant Discover-e can provide you with platforms that are easy to use, and available to users anywhere they have access to a web browser. Our offerings have simple per user pricing, that has all the features you need to have your team moving through the review process quickly. There is no software or hardware to purchase, install, or IT staff to support it.

Document Production

Our team can assist or run your document productions in native form, images, or hard copy. Electronic productions may be produced with any load file needed, bates labeled, ocr, or even coded fields for your documents. Our professionals will make certain that your production is completed accurately and on time!

Data Collection

After identifying relevant custodians and data sources, collecting the data in a forensically sound manner is a must. Relevant Discover-e has the has the expertise and technology to accomplish this with you. Your clients internal IT staff do not have the technology or best practices in place to collect the data according to industry standards. Utilizing our trained professionals ensures you will have a defensible collection and removes any liability from your client.

These collections and legal holds can be conducted onsite or remotely with allowed network access and passwords. This transparent process permits you to view the data from a secure platform before selecting to collect it. Such data can be collected from any desktop/laptop, server, webmail, cloud storage, social media, and even mobile devices. Call us today to discuss the options available to your firm.

Additional Services

  • Scanning & Copying
  • Printing & Blowbacks
  • Bates Labeling
  • OCR
  • Data Processing & Coversion
  • Culling & Filtering
  • Document Coding
  • Oversize scan, copy, or print
  • Mounted Displays
  • E-media Duplication

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